The Delaney Report™ is a monthly financial news and information update that covers topics of interest to CEOs and CFOs. Articles focus on current trends and information about technical accounting, finance, investing, operational accounting, legal information, technology and systems that support the finance function. For more information, contact Delaney at:

Delaney Think-Tank™ is a monthly 3-hour meeting for CEOs, CFOs and Controllers, invited to discuss issues, interests and innovation related to the finance function. Attendees will have an opportunity to submit topics of interest in advance, allowing time for thought incubation and any preparation necessary. Content from the Think-Tank will be captured for record and used as thought leadership in Delaney Learning™ curricula. For this program, we presently are working on a sponsorship opportunity from a large and prestigious university (which cannot be disclosed at this time). For more information, contact Delaney at:

Delaney Learning™ provides training about the finance and accounting function, offered to specific companies, typically the CEOs of small-to-medium sized entrepreneurial firms. Topics related to accounting and finance – from “T” accounts to “what you really need to know” – are presented in the form of a 3-day mini-MBA program. These courses have already begun. Training sessions include both half-day and full-day programs. Training materials include Accounting and Finance collateral, case studies and Delaney d-Books™. One or two CEOs from each class may be selected to be interviewed for future podcasts. For more information, contact Delaney at:

Delaney d-Books™ (a play on the term ‘e’-books) is a series of short books detailing specific company case studies, some of which may be based on various companies in the news as well as companies for which Delaney Principals and Consultants have provided assistance. Delaney d-Books also will become part of the Delaney Learning program, to enable accounting professionals to learn from real world examples. Delaney d-Books can be distributed via website, blog, YouTube, and read from podcasts and twitter excerpts (recorded on “Record Skype”). For more information, contact Delaney at: 

Delaney On Reel™ is a series of 30-60 minute monthly, interview-style radio shows with CFOs from public and private companies sharing their innermost thoughts on being a CFO. They will explain what it took to become the CFO they are today and the changing role of the CFO. Real life stories highlighting lessons learned and battle scars obtained will be uncovered. Not only will this serve to promote the professionalism of Atlanta CFOs, those featured in the radio shows will act as role models for the CFOs of tomorrow. Podcasts of these interviews will be made available and promoted on the internet through “itunes” (MobileMe), blogs and websites. Videos of interviews will be promoted via “YouTube”, itunes, and relevant blogs and websites. For more information, contact Delaney at: